What’s all this then?

Gen Z-mail is a 21st century advice column for Gen Zers, by a Gen Zer, born out of a Sex and the City binge-watch during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who are you?

Not a licensed psychologist, that’s for sure! (Consider that my “for legal reasons this is a joke” disclaimer.) But in all seriousness, I’m a 21-year-old, fresh-out-of-college, gay, Latinx journalist making vertical videos for VICE.

As a Cancer, I’m a natural caregiver who loves helping other people and sticking my nose in their business. (I’m a Scorpio rising and Leo moon. Make of that what you will.)

I’ve also suffered from anxiety and depression on-and-off for nearly a decade, resulting in multiple rounds of therapy. Basically, I’ve gone through shit and I want to help people my age who are also going through shit.

Image of the author, Leo Rocha.
Me, Leo Rocha, staring off wistfully into the distance. Photo by Alyza Enriquez.

Who is this for?

This column is specifically designed with Gen Zers in mind. If you’re older and just want to understand the struggles we face, that’s okay too!

Why should I subscribe? Do I have to pay?

Publications, and, even more so, advice columns for Gen Zers, by Gen Zers, are rare! If you want friendly advice without feeling talked down to, you should subscribe. If you want a legitimate look into the psyche of Gen Zers, you should subscribe. If you want professional medical advice or want to learn how to “appeal” to Gen Zers, you should not subscribe.

And no — you don’t have to pay anything! This is just my passion project at the moment. Maybe I’ll do paid subscriber-only posts someday, but I will never paywall the entire newsletter. I know a lot of us don’t have dispensable income, and my goal is to make this column accessible to everyone — not just those who can afford it. Blocking it off defeats the entire purpose.

OK, so how do I send a letter to the column?

Fill out the form here!

What if I don’t have a question for the column, but want to get in touch with you directly and/or creep on your socials?

I’m flattered! My email is news@leodrocha.com. You can find me on Twitter @leonardodrocha and @leodanielrocha on Instagram.

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A 21st-century advice column for Gen Zers, by a Gen Zer.


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